Plate rolling

Plate rolling is a press brake technology used for forming metal sheets and sections.
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Our combination of experienced experts and our extensive machinery enables us to deliver a wide range of products:

  • trunks
  • slabs
  • cones
  • reducers
  • segmental arches
  • Notch boards

We have 6 different machines for a maximum rolling width of 3,500mm. We deliver products made of various kinds of materials, such as wear-resistant materials like Hardox and manganese steel, in various thicknesses between 2 and 65mm. We guarantee that you will receive precision work and we will be happy to plan together with you. Due to our constant supplies of 600 tons of standard steel sheets and sufficient machinery capacities we can complete assignments fast and reliably. This makes us flexible so we can deliver at short notice and favorable prices.

Technical information

We have different plate rolls. The maximum material thickness depends on the kind of steel and the radius. For additional information you can send us an email or use our contact form. We will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have and submit you a suitable quote.

Machine Sort Roll Max.Width Thickness Min. Radius Resistance(cm³)
Plate Rolling Pas 620 3500 mm 65 mm 375 2400
Plate Rolling Pas 420 3000 mm 33 mm 250 545
Plate Rolling Ps 300 2000 mm 35 mm 200 150
Plate Rolling Pas 275 3000 mm 12 mm 175 175
Plate Rolling Ps 205 2500 mm 6 mm 150 1500
Plate Rolling Ps 150 1500 mm 6 mm 95 95
Plate Rolling Ps 140 2500 mm 4 mm 95 95