Bending of steel and non-ferrous metals means press brake the material, pressing it into a groove using an upper punch.
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With this procedure various products can be made, simple angle sections as well as complex products, such as cones or transitions from round to square.

We have 6 different press braking machines, with lengths between 3 and 15.4 meters, so we can offer our customers a wide range of choices. While the small bending equipment is well-suited for short products made of thin metal sheets, the large press brake bench can be used for xxl products. That way we can produce items like troughs and frames in small and large series in a good quality at reasonable prices. Due to our constant supplies of 600 tons of standard steel sheets and sufficient machinery capacities we can complete assignments fast and reliably. This makes us flexible so we can deliver at short notice and favorable prices.

Technische informatie

Our production machinery includes 6 different press braking machines. The maximum material thickness depends on the kind of steel and the trimming mode. Our largest equipment weighs 2,500 tons. It can be used for heavy-duty trimming.For additional information you can send us an email or use our contact form.We will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have and submit you a suitable quote.

Machine Max. Mount length Max. Tonnage
Trimming machine 15.400 2.500
Trimming machine 15.400 1.500
Trimming machine 12.200 1.280
Trimming machine 8.200 700
Trimming machine 7.200 500
Trimming machine 3.100 150